The thermal springs resort “Park Nosi”, was established in 1932 by Grigor Nosi, an entrepreneur from Elbasan, following the design of an Austrian architect. It is composed of the four-story hotel, the annexes, the villa and the new hotel.

It has always exclusively used the thermal water source “Nosi Spring”, which in contrast to many other sources has been protected from degradation and has preserved to this day its unique properties. The water temperature at the source is 56 ̊ C. As studies show, different sources, even those in geographical proximity can have very different characteristics.

This restoration and relaxation center enables treatments with thermal water and mineral mud, under the constant care of specialized medical personnel with decades of experience, along with well-qualified nursing staff.

The thermal station, the treatment with thermal water and mineral mud, offers health benefits to people of any age, interested in keeping a healthy body or in the treatment of various conditions. The treatment increases hormone production, enhances blood circulation, and drastically improves sexual desire and activity in both sexes. It is very beneficial in extending the age of sexual activity.

The thermal springs resort covers an area of 53000 m2 with plenty of woods, flower-gardens and jardinières, asphalted grounds and paths, ideal for physical jogging and training, as it is fully recommended for such thermal-baths treatment.


Recently the co-owners have decided to sell this property and activity if there is an adequate offer.

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